Photography by Victoria at Virginia Beach Wedding Chapel

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Photography by Victoria & Maddie

About your Photographers - It's a family affair!
Photography by Victoria Begault

Yes, I'm a dog person (cats too!) and I love my border collies  Lily and Sami, and when I'm not shooting an event, you will find me training them on agility, manners and games with their balls and frisbee!

I've been photographing weddings since 2005, and found a niche in outdoor / beach photography!  There is something so magical about the lighting, waves rolling in, little sand crabs scuttling into their tunnels, and the beauty and comfort of the sand dunes.  I love it when my couples and their families experience this magic for the very first time.   Who knew Virginia really is for Lovers!   

 Beach wedding photography has more challenges than typical indoor venues.  The light is always changing, from so many directions and you need to be prepared.  I love it when I photograph an indoor venue, as I know the lighting will be a little more controlled.  As an x-Army brat and Girl Scout, I have learned to adapt, and roll with the ever changing situations that arise with a wedding.  Being prepared and anticipating the "what if's" is a strength I am proud of. So with backup cameras and accessories, ensures I'm armed & ready for your day!

  A bonus ... You get is with my wedding planning experience, I'm the perfect one to bring you "over the dunes" as you make your entrance and walk down the aisle......

My new found passion is photographing the family as they prepare for mom's  maternity and anticipation and adoration of the newborn baby.  The natural progression of life is amazing, from belly to baby, I have lots of cute swaddling cloths and props!  I offer belly to newborn up to 10 days old, followed by 6 month shoot and wrapping up on the baby's first birthday - please contact me if you are interested, I would love to be there for your family!

I count on my team to bring it all home, and My daughter Maddie (our event manager too!) is my assistant, and many times my "second shooter".  I love that our couples can count on two seasoned photographers to capture their day.  We have truly developed perfect mother and daughter partnership - I am so blessed!

Maddie Begault, wedding photographer in Virginia Beach Maddie is a key team member who processes the wedding images and creates those beautiful wedding collages for our couples.  She has a keen eye for detail and processing your pictures - this talent also requires much patience as we shoot anywhere from 200 to 3,000 pics per event! As our event manager, she has the knowledge, enthusiastic smile and patience to help direct you to the best package or location.  You will love working with her, and talking with her over the phone!  Maddie is not only technology savy, but our in-house pro coordinating and working with our extensive I-Tunes library.

At our chapel wedding rehearsals, Maddie has mastered the art of coordinating our events!

 Don't under value your wedding ceremony!  One photographer can't capture everything that happens during those important moments - the rituals happen quickly, and we know where to be and how to capture it! We will blend our photojournalism style of documenting your day and also provide fun direction for your posed traditional portraits!

Keeping you at ease, using natural light when possible, extended light sources when needed, our fun loving and laid back nature will create portraits you'll be proud to show off, while capturing your family's moments that will never be forgotten!